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Interesting Facts About The Name Zimonopoulos

A few characteristics of the name can provide us with some solid information about the name itself and its origin. The POULOS suffix of the name essentially indicates the origin of the family which is identified to be from the southwest portion of Greece called Peloponeese. According to my research there are two possible spellings of the name in Greek:
  • Ζυμονόπουλος
  • Ζημονόπουλος
They are both Greek and originate from Peloponeese. Although they are spelled differently, I believe that they are derived from the same family.

According to Greek grammar, both names are considered to be compound words. By separating the names into their constituent parts, we can identify certain characteristics: (ζημονο)(πουλος) and (ζυμονο)(πουλος). As mentioned earlier, the POULOS part defines origin, but the first part defines custom or trade.

By changing the accent and carefully replacing the vowels omikron (ο) to omega (ω), Ζυμονο changes to the "stand-alone" Greek verb ζυμώνω. This word has the meaning of kneading dough in English. The other spelling can be derived from a more complex association of words. 

The word Ζημονο can be derived by two constituent words: ζωή and μοναχός. The word ζωή means life and the word μοναχός means alone or lonely. Both words together can provide us with the meaning of lonely or hermit.

Whatever the spelling may be, the name Zimonopoulos is an old Greek last name that although very few families currently carry it, it has survived through the ages.

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