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Family Member - Gregory Zimonopoulos


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Port Orange, Florida


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Gregory Zimonopoulos

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Bankers Healthcare Group, Inc.

*  Resume available upon request

In 2010, Mr. Zimonopoulos joined Bankers Healthcare Group, Inc. (BHG) as the Executive Director of Technology. In a few months, he was promoted to Chief Technology Officer (CTO) responsible for the strategic development and management of BHG's IT/IS infrastructure. He currently holds a Masters of E-Commerce and maintains an active profile in the technology industry

In 2007, Mr. Zimonopoulos was promoted to Vice President of Information Technology and Information Systems for Faneuil, Inc, a subsidiary of MacAndrews and Forbes Holdings, Inc. He served as the Chairman of Cisco System’s Multichannel Committee until 2009. He has assisted and coauthored a series of publications in prominent economic journals such as the Atlantic Economic Journal and the Journal of Macroeconomics.

In July 1998 he joined The Faneuil Group as an Intranet/Automation Specialist. One year later he created the Intranet Department and acquired the role of the Intranet Manager, providing internal service to The Faneuil Group and client. In April 2000, he joined the Faneuil Corporate Team acquiring the role of Director of E-Business Development directing the developmental stages and assisting Faneuil’s E-Business efforts.

Prior to joining Faneuil, Mr. Zimonopoulos had the position of Operations Manager and Partner to Digital Images, L.C. heading the Web-Services Division. For five years he provided Web-based development, software development, database development, marketing and human resources management.

Mr. Zimonopoulos acquired the Research Assistant position for the Director, Center for Economic Education of Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia. Mr. Zimonopoulos holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Management and Computer Science with Magna Cum La;ude graduation distinction. He assisted the Brauer Seminar on economic integration of the European Communities and the Maastricht Treaty. He co-authored Breaking Trend Functions in Real Exchange Rates: Evidence from Seventeen OECD Countries, published on the Journal of MACROECONOMICS. Mr. Zimonopoulos assisted eight other articles published in prominent journals such as the Atlantic Economic Journal. He also functioned as a business consultant for Advanced Nutrition, Inc. under the Small Business Administration (S.B.A.), Small Business Institute Program (S.B.I.).

In 1989, Mr. Zimonopoulos held an Intelligence position as part of the National Military Representation (NMR) of Greece in the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, Belgium.

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